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Reliable service is the foundation of any CPA firm. At Boyum & Barenscheer it means being available when our clients need us, returning phone calls promptly and consistently doing whatever it takes to help our clients meet their objectives.

You can put your trust in our talented people and years of success in supporting businesses and individuals. Our right size, stable history and culture attracts and keeps good personnel. This allows us to provide you with the full resources of a big accounting firm without compromising personal service and value.

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Meet the Team! Get to know Craig Flaherty Craig Flaherty 10/8/2015

Get to know Boyum & Barenscheer team members on a personal level. Learn about their personal background and how they found themselves in the world of accounting.

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M is for Marriage Chris Wittich 10/6/2015

M is for marriage.  Normally a marriage is a cause for celebration; it might not be such a celebration of love when you go to file your tax return.  Ask 10 people if filing married on th

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L is for Long Term Capital Gain Chris Wittich 10/1/2015

L is for long term capital gain.  Everyone talks about long term capital gains and how they get a good tax treatment so what exactly does that mean?  To be a long term capital gain the u

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