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Reliable service is the foundation of any CPA firm. At Boyum & Barenscheer it means being available when our clients need us, returning phone calls promptly and consistently doing whatever it takes to help our clients meet their objectives.

You can put your trust in our talented people and years of success in supporting businesses and individuals. Our right size, stable history and culture attracts and keeps good personnel. This allows us to provide you with the full resources of a big accounting firm without compromising personal service and value.

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Tax Tip of the Week #15 Chris Wittich 05/22/2017

The net investment income tax allows for deductions like an allocation of state tax expense due to the investment income.

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Tax Tip of the Week #14 Chris Wittich 05/15/2017

The Minnesota property tax refund looks at your household income for the year, but it doesn’t consider your household assets.

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Tax Tip of the Week #13 Chris Wittich 04/10/2017

For companies making things in the US, the Domestic Production Activities deduction is a 9% tax deduction, which is a permanent tax difference.

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